Current Sale

October Bacon & Ground Beef Sale

15lb Sliced Smoked Bacon: $52 ($3.47lb)
10lb 85/15 Ground Beef: $35 ($3.50lb)
80lb 85/15 Ground Beef: $260 ($3.25lb)

Pickup dates and times:
Monday, October 21 - Wednesday, October 23: 8am-5pm
Any unclaimed orders will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 8am on October 24.
Please mark your calendar! You will not be notified when your order is ready. We will post on Facebook when the orders are in and will post on Facebook if there is any change to pickup times.

Bacon is John F Martin brand bacon, same brand we carry normally. It is a bulk product, and comes stacked in the box. It is fresh, never frozen.

The ground beef will be from a national supplier. It will be in 10lb "tubes". It is also fresh, never frozen.

Ordering and Deadlines:
All orders must be received by 10am on Friday, October 18. Orders can be placed by Facebook Message or by calling us at 607.967.5926.

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General Bulk Meat Sales Information


Our fresh chicken comes from a variety of US producers, including Raeford, Amick, Rico, Allen, and Wayne. We order based on market and are unable to guarantee which provider will be used. Bulk sales will only include full, 40lb cases of any item. Bone-in items need to be used or frozen within 10-12 days of the pack date marked on the box. Boneless items need to be used or frozen within 12-14 days of the pack date. Pack dates are usually the Monday before the earliest pickup date. This is a case product and will require some trimming.


Our pork also comes from a variety of US producers, including Hatfield and Seaboard. We cannot guarantee the provider. Pork items will usually be offered at both a case and a piece price. Pork will be vacuum packed by individual item, unless otherwise specified. The sale is only for whole case or pieces. No custom cutting is available. These items may require trimming.


A chicken sale will be held on the first weekend each month. Items will vary, and may include Skinless, Boneless Breasts, Bone-in Thighs, Boneless Thighs, Drumsticks, and wings. Breasts will be available every month, along with one or two additional items.

A beef and pork sale will be held on the 3rd weekend of each month, depending on market pricing and availability

All sales will be announced primarily through Facebook. Please like and subscribe to our Facebook page to stay up to date.


Orders can be placed by commenting on the Facebook announcement, sending a Facebook message, or by calling us at 607.433.3665. We will reply to all Facebook comments and messages, but it could take up to two days. We will confirm all orders by Wednesday morning. Please call us if you did not receive a confirmation.