Fresh Meat Sales

We offer regular sales on select meat products. Past sales have included bacon, chicken, sausage, ground beef, and pork loin. We announce these sales via our facebook page and text messages. Orders are accepted during the listed dates for each sale. Pickup usually is available on 3-4 days, that will be listed with the sale. Pre-payment is not required, but is available. We accept cash, major credit cards, and EBT/SNAP Benefits. To receive notifications of our upcoming sales, please sign up below.

Bulk Chicken Sale

40lb Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts: $55 ($1.38lb) SOLD OUT
40lb Bone In Chicken Thighs: $39.50 ($0.99lb) Limit 1
40lb Boneless Chicken Thighs: $64 ($1.63lb) SOLD OUT
40lb Leg Quarters: $23 ($0.58lb) SOLD OUT

Pickup dates and times:
Friday, June 5: 8am - 5pm (Outside)
Saturday, June 6: 8am - 4pm (Outside)
Monday, June 8: 8am - 5pm (Inside)

Ordering and Deadlines:
Supply is limited for this order. Deadline is Monday, June 1 @ 8am or when sold out. You can order by replying to the text message you received, texting your order to 607-214-2845 or sending us a Facebook Message. Please state clearly what you want to order, otherwise we may be sold out before we can respond. We will process messages as we are able to. It may take up to 12 hours to receive a response. You will receive an order confirmation when we process your order. Our system sorts conversation by the time the last message was received. Please only send one message. We do our best to process orders in the order we received them, but occasionally, we make a mistake or have a technical problem. With limited quantities, there is no way to ensure that you will receive your order just because you texted us. Also, cell phone carriers only allow us to send a few messages per second. Due to the size of our notification list, we may already be sold out by the time you receive the text message. Again, we can't control that. We cannot accept orders by email or phone. If an item is listed as sold out, it really is sold out. We do not maintain a list of people to call or contact if we have extras. You can call us at 8am on Tuesday, June 9 for unclaimed product.

Upcoming Bulk Meat Sales

Upcoming sales will be announced as we are able to due to the ongoing situation. Please sign up for text messages to receive notifications of sales

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General Bulk Meat Sales Information


Our fresh chicken comes from a variety of US producers, including Raeford, Amick, Rico, Allen, and Wayne. We order based on market and are unable to guarantee which provider will be used. All chicken is fresh, never frozen unless stated otherwise. Bulk sales will only include full, 40lb cases of any item. Bone-in items need to be used or frozen within 10-12 days of the pack date marked on the box. Boneless items need to be used or frozen within 12-14 days of the pack date. Pack dates are usually the Monday before the earliest pickup date. This is a case product and will require some trimming.


Our Bacon is John F. Martin brand bacon. It is the same as the slab bacon we normally carry in the store, although it is sliced by the producer. It is hickory smoked. The bacon comes bulk in a 15lb box. Usually, there are two "stacks" of bacon per box. We recommend freezing any bacon you won't use within 1-2 weeks.

Ground Beef

Our ground beef will come from a national producer. The brand may vary. The ground beef is 85% lean. It comes packaged in 10-pound "tubes". We sell it either as a 10-pound package or an 80-pound case.


Orders can be placed by commenting on the Facebook announcement, sending a Facebook message, or by calling us at 607.976.5926. We will reply to all Facebook comments and messages, but it could take up to two days. Please call us if you did not receive a confirmation.